SURA: The Emperor's Banquet

Junichi is a Japanese solider who wants to go back home to Nagoya and lead a normal life. His dream is about to come true. But his battalion got a call from head-office to retreat to Japan. Everything seems perfect until on 15 August 1945, they are ordered to kill themselves. Junichi now tires to escape from the bunker.

The Official Selection, La Guarimba International Film Festival 2015, Italy
The Official Selection, River Bend International Film Festival 2015, USA
The Official Selection, Naver Short Film Corner 2015, South Korea
The Official Selection, Las Vegas Galaxy Film Awards 2016, USA
The Official Screening, KU Cinema Hall by Cinehub 2015, South Korea
The Official Screening, Celto Festival 2015, Italy

Presented by NKM Media in association with Norito and Tudor BEC.

Japanese Name: 수라:왕의 만찬
Genres Drama
Run Time 26 min
Age Group 7+
Directed by Jo Bareun
Cast Heo Suyeong (Junichi), Le Hwangjae (Kento), Park Heeyeon (Akira), Kim Songnam (Hito) and Kim Chunghyon (Dakeshi)
Produced by Dwarf Productions
Audio Language Japanese
Subtitle Languages English
Video Type Short film
Year 2014

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