Halvor's Radio

Historical Movie Halver’s Radio reminds us of the period between the years 1909 and 1923, when with the expansion of the US Federal Homestead Act, close to 200,000 shop clerks, school teachers and farmers staked claim to free range land in the state of Montana. By 1923, drought, sickness and a bad wheat market forced two thirds of the homesteaders to abandon their lands.

On one of these isolated homesteads in 1918 southeastern Montana, Halvor Sirdal has lost all that is dear to him and now must come to grips with an unpromising future.
Genres Drama
Run Time 22 min
Age Group 12+
Directed by Michael Amundsen
Cast Michael Amundsen, Jack Forcinito, Katherine Jackson
Audio Language English
Video Type Short Film
Year 2016

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