‘Revelations’ is a short sci-fi costume drama with influences of Steampunk and Cyberpunk. The film is a Neo-Victorian love story with Cyberpunk elements, fusing a Jane Austin costume drama with Sci-Fi Fantasy.

This short film made the Official Selections at the Limelight Film Awards, BresSteam 2016 Steampunk Festival and also the Southampton International Film Festival, where it won an award for Best Costume Design.

'Revelations' is set in an alternate timeline where the Great War has never ended. Our protagonist, Amelia, finds herself helplessly stuck within the oppressive walls of status fuelled by her authoritarian mother, Jane; her love interest, Cassius, who has recently returned from the war; and Hugo, the high ranking corporate official whom Jane adores. We follow Amelia as she struggles to satisfy her duty as a daughter as well as her duty to herself and satisfying her own wants and needs.

The film blends a lot of themes that we are familiar with, like love and coming of age, but it’s the aesthetic world and the subtle nuances that the die hard Steampunk and Cyberpunk fans will really enjoy and get excited about. It is these things that are what really makes Revelations stand out from other aesthetically niche stories and other similarly themed stories.
Genres Sci-Fi
Run Time 15 min
Age Group 12+
Directed by Geoff Willis
Cast Amelia Gardham, Heather Rome, Mish Duffy, Jack K. Raposa, Jay Grainger, Niall Murray, Angus Mitchel, Albert Hillen
Produced by Ranjana Easwar
Year 2015

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