On the 234th day of their routine mission, John and Isaak's space vessel is suddenly thrown into jeopardy. Despite their broken friendship, they need to find a way to work together, or only one can survive.

*Best Writing Award* From The Beyond Con 2015 - Chicago, U.S.
*Best Sci-Fi Runner Up* SoCal CIFF 2015 - Hollywood, California, U.S.
*Official Selection* Siliguri International Short Film Contest 2015 - Siliguri, India.
*Official Selection* Cannes Short Film Festival 2014 - Cannes, France.
*Best Sci-Fi Runner Up* ITSA Film Festival 2014 - Sonara, California, U.S.
*Official Selection* Internationales Filmfest Braunschweig 2014 - Braunschweig, Germany.
*Goodwin Prize and Audacity Prize Nominations* - Reel East Film Festival 2014, New Jersey, U.S.
*Best International Film Runner Up.* - North Jefferson Independent Film Series 2014, Alabama U.S .
*Official Selection* Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 12 - Fargo, ND, U.S.
*'Best in Show' Nomination* - Blissfields Festival 2014, U.K.
*Semi-Finalist, Best Drama* - Highway 61 Film Festival 2014, Pine City U.S.
*Best Student Short Nomination* West Virginia Filmmaker Festival 2014, U.S.
*Official Selection* - Geek Film Festival, Charlotte North Carolina, U.S.
*Official Selection* - JUMPTHECUT 2014 Online selection.
*Official Selection* - Sir Charles Darwin Film Festival 2014, London U.K.
*Official Selection* - Viewster Online Film Festival, 2014.
*Official Selection* - Art and Algorithms 2014, Titusville Florida, U.S.
*Official Selection* - Rapid Eye Movement 2014, Warwick Arts Centre, U.K.
When John and Isaak’s space vessel is in jeopardy, they need to find a way to work together, or only one can survive.

Written,Directed and Produced by Dale Driver

Director of Photography - Richard Davis

Visual Director - Jim Peakman

Sound - Tony Agar

Camera Assistant - Dane Camille

Production Assistants - Steve Ringrose and Megan Slade

Production Designers - Dale Driver, John Oliver and Clive Driver

Original score composed by Alex Blackstaffe.

Blue Ridge Films © 2014
Genres Sci-Fi
Run Time 15 min
Age Group 18+
Directed by Dale Driver, James Peakman
Cast Peter Brooke, Marcus McMahon, James Peakman
Audio Language English
Year 2014

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