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Indie Film (or Independent Feature) is a movie not made at one of the major studios. Independent moviemakers are storytellers with a vision. These passionate artists have limited business aspirations and are focused to the one and only idea of making a great film. Their limited resources do shape and constrain their vision. Still, the independent moviemaker possesses substantial authority and control over artistic decisions during the filmmaking process. Therefore, when everything works, the result is usually the best the industry can create.

Latest advancements in film and video camera technologies have made it possible for anyone to shoot a high quality movie. As independent and guerrilla filmmakers roll up their sleeves to pursue their passion, competing for audiences has become ever more challenging. Thousands of great films remain undistributed each year. This is where the website EnglishFilms.com comes in.

The website EnglishFilms features our selection of Indie Films and Short Movies. All movies here are previewed and selected by our highly cinephile team at various film festivals. Entertaining story, artistic approach, professional acting and outstanding cinematography are some of the qualities sought in this selection.

ALL VIDEOS ON THIS WEBSITE HAVE BEEN POSTED BY EXCLUSIVE PERMISSION FROM THE FILMMAKER, OR UNDER A CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE. Please contact our indie film selection team if you would like your licensed content to appear on this website. Likewise, you can contact our compliance team if you have questions about copyright and the license under which we have posted a video here.

The website EnglishFilms.com is operated by OlimArts Media from its East Gwillimbury office in Ontario,Canada.

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