A couple is in search of solving an old mystery when they make the mistake of killing a creature that was not like anything they knew. The consequences of this reckless act will soon be known and the price will be high ...

Haselwurm is a short fantasy/horror inspired on one side by mythical stories
 from the Italian region of Trentino, and on the other side the narrative of Howard Philip Lovecraft.

Haselwurm production began in early 2010, with the intention to make something that paid homage to monster movies and that were a bit different from what Italian filmmakers had seen in those years.
 Eugenio Villani thus decided to produce and direct a short film that would be easier in terms of plot but more elaborate in photography and special effects.

The purpose of the video was to raise awareness of the recovery of Italian genere cinema that had been abandoned for many years, and
 trying to refresh the legends that are being forgotten little by little.

Written by: David C. Fragale | Director of Photography: Carlo David Mauri | 
Original soundtrack by: Maresca Gambino
 Postproduction: Federico Fronterrè | 
Visual effects: Emiliano Guarneri, Tullio Zanibelli
 | Creature effects: Maresca Gambino, Mauro Maruca, Eugenio villani
 |Edited by: David C. Fragale, Eugenio Villani | 
Sound mix: Marco Connelli
Steady-man: Carlo David Mauri | 
Camera department: Federico Fronterrè, Carlo David Mauri, Andrea Riboni|

Genres Horror, Fantacy
Run Time 15 min
Age Group 12+
Directed by Eugenio Villani
Cast Valentina Viecca, Raffaele Palazzo
Produced by Eugenio Villani
Audio Language Italian
Subtitle Languages English
Year 2011

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