Inspired by a true story, comes the tale of woman named Angie and the choices she regrets making that has led to her current state.

Writers - Clint D'Souza, Audrey Tavares, Neil Tavares
Cinematographer - Tom Antos
Sound Mixer - Lukasz Antos
Boom Operator - Noreen Gomes
Production Assistant - Paula Gomes

Music: "The way home" by the Cinematic Audio Group
"Turn off the lights" by Muneer Khan
"The Purge/Rapfix Cyher (20syl Remix)" by Schoolboy Q
Genres Drama
Run Time 6 min (Short-film)
Age Group 12+
Directed by Clint D'Souza
Cast Christy Eveleigh
, Matt Palmer
, Haley Midgette
, Antoine Rose, Nav Grewall, Steve Rizzo
, Louise Lupo
Male, Steve Kasan and Cynthia Stone.
Audio Language English (UK)
Year 2016

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