The Gift

Secret agent Peter Wright has brought down an international criminal syndicate. He is on leave, seeking redemption for the death of the mob leader's innocent son. During this time he takes a security job. However, when the young girl he is paid to guard is kidnapped by the right hand of the notorious crime boss, he is left with only one choice.

Directed and Written by: Edwin Adrian Nieves

Starring: Pascal Yen-Pfister, Julien Delbassee Leflon, Miguel Belmonte and Esperanza Martinez.
Produced by Mark Buconjic, E. Jesus Nieves, Edwin Adrian Nieves, Germaine Persinger, and Pascal Yen-Pfister
Co-produced by Juan Carlos Nieves

Edited by Edwin Adrian Nieves

Music by Jeffrey Connors

Sound Edit by Jeffrey Connors and Jay Pellizzi

Sound Mix by Jay Pellizzi

ADR by Steven Stanley Borba

News Report by Christine M. Penney

Special Thanks to Nathalie Sejean, David Schmudde, and Michael DiBiasio
Genres Crime
Run Time 22 min
Audio Language English
Year 2015

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