Independent film Siren tells the story of a victim of a human trafficking and her dilemma as she decides the fates of those who decided hers.

Executive Producer: Emmalie Reif | 1st Assistant Diretor: Victoria Lacy |
1st Assistant Cameraman: Shelby Nave | 2nd Assistant Cameraman: Kate Braun, Robbie Rittman |
Drone Pilot: Vincent Hollow | Costume Design: Lydia Smyth | Makeup Artist: Hallie Baumann |
Set Design/Construction: Justin Brezina | Stunt Coordinator: Matt Herndon, Patrick Kelly |
Production Audio: Mike Blomquist, Dan Brown | Credit Artist/Animation: Aaron Shroyer |
Score: Ray Kim | Production Assistant: Rae Mc Fadden,Richie Evans |

Genres Crime, Drama
Run Time 25 min
Age Group 12+
Directed by Matthew Brezina and Emelie Flower
Cast Kristen Alesia, Joseph Kelly, Heather Wesner, Patricia Blanc, Matthew Brezina, Karl Behrens, Tyler Andrews, Ross Rebenn, Jake Pierle, Melenie Mc Nu., Rodrigo Casas, Karl Wiese, Mirinda Hols., Ian Coles Ket., Korinne Dunn, Cindy Maples, Patrick Kelly, Rusty Kames
Produced by Tyler Carrell
Audio Language English
Year 2016

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